E-Statements are an eco-friendly option to receive your monthly account statements. E-Statements are archived online for 7 years, freeing up valuable space in your home and eliminating extra clutter.

Just fill in the contact form below to stop receiving paper statements today!

Discontinue Paper Statement Agreement

By filling in this form, you request that Beautiful Plains Credit Union stop sending paper copies of your account statements via mail. You must be signed up for online banking to discontinue your paper statement and in order to access your “E-Statement” via CU@Home online banking.

Beautiful Plains Credit Union Ltd.

All of my single accounts (accounts on which I am the only owner)All of my joint "OR" accounts with:All of my joint "AND" accounts with:

By clicking ‘Submit Form’ you agree to the following terms and Beautiful Plains Credit Union will accept you clicking ‘Submit Form’ as your authorization to discontinue paper statements:

  • I agree that it is my responsibility to examine and verify all transactions processed through my account(s). I agree to examine the details of all accounts, including loans and investments, that I have with the Credit Union. Notwithstanding any time limit set out in the Membership Application & Account Agreement, I will report any errors, omissions, unauthorized transactions or charges within 30 days of posting my E-Statement to my Internet Banking site.
  • I will be responsible for the accuracy and validity of any pre-authorized debits from my account(s) unless I report any errors within the applicable period (90 calendar days for pre-authorized debits on my personal accounts).
  • If I have not reported an error, omission or unauthorized transaction, within the times set out above, I will not have a claim against the Credit Union
  • I have authority to sign on behalf of this/these account(s) and to bind others on the account(s). Wherever the terms “I”, is used, it means the person or persons who are owners on this/these account(s).